Michael Brady Ltd

104-106 Broadway

On behalf of Michael Brady Ltd, we demolished a 3-storey office with a basement on Stratford's high street. Challenges included a shared party wall, limited access, and nearby pedestrian streets. Safety measures like scaffolding, fans, and environmental monitors were installed. The project's peak challenge was the basement removal, accomplished using underpinning techniques and then prepped for piling works.

Project Overview for Michael Brady Ltd

Demolition of a Prominent 3-Storey Structure in Stratford

Location and Key Challenges:

Situated in the bustling vicinity of Stratford’s primary commercial artery, our assignment was to demolish an existing three-level office structure with an additional basement. Complications arose from the shared party wall, the tight accessibility to the site, and its proximity to two heavily frequented pedestrian streets.

Safety Measures and Environmental Protection:

Prioritizing public safety, we erected a robust scaffolding structure supplemented with a fan, all wrapped in fire-resistant monoflex. Furthermore, we integrated noise, dust, and vibration monitors around the site's periphery. These devices ensured the environmental pollution remained within local regulatory standards, safeguarding both public well-being and the environment.

Demolition Techniques Employed:

In line with the party wall agreement, our team adopted a top-down approach for the demolition. The most intricate facet of this project was the dismantling of the existing basement. Our experts broke down the basement wall and slab using an underpinning-style sequence, followed by backfilling with site-sourced crushed concrete. This meticulous process ensured the site boundary's integrity was maintained.

Final Preparations for Future Development:

Concluding our demolition efforts, we prepped the area with a piling mat, laying the groundwork for the subsequent piling operations. This step signifies the site's readiness for its next phase of development.