O'Connells understand that demolition is all about safety. We prioritise meticulous planning to minimise identified risks and ensure a safe demolition process. By implementing comprehensive safety measures, we prioritise the well-being of workers, the public, and the environment.
O'Connell brings a wealth of experience and expertise in demolition methodologies. Whether it's high-rise residential, commercial, industrial, or basement structures, we employ the most suitable methods to efficiently and effectively demolish buildings, considering factors such as structural integrity, site constraints, and surrounding environments.
Asbestos Removal
O'Connell's demolition team are asbestos awareness trained for the removal of non-licenced asbestos materials. Notifiable asbestos is removed by our fully licenced supply chain of specialist asbestos contractors.
Waste Management
O'Connell recognises the importance of waste reduction and environmental responsibility in the construction sector. They forumlate site-specific waste management plans, emphasising waste segregation, reuse, and safe disposal. O'Connell's are experienced in BREEAM compliance, BREEAM reporting and auditing as well as the formulation of pre-demolition audits on behalf of clients prior to works starting.
Material Recycling
O'Connells are committed to recycling materials from demolition sites. We understand the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, aiming to maximise the reuse of materials. By employing on-site crushing and screening methods whenever possible, we contribute to the utilisation of secondary aggregates in new build projects.
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