Turn Key Projects
O'Connell Contracting prefers to act as Principal Contractor whenever possible for demolition, civil engineering and building projects. As an experienced building contractor, we have a strong supply chain of sub-contractors and an experienced management team on hand to deliver your project.
Single Point of Contact
Being the main contractor means that you serve as the primary point of contact for the client. You act as the liaison between the client and the various parties involved in the project, streamlining communication, addressing concerns, and providing regular project updates.
Project Management
As the main contractor, you bring valuable project management expertise to the table. You oversee scheduling, resource allocation, and quality control to ensure that the project is completed within the specified timeframe, budget, and to the client's satisfaction.
Risk Management
Being the main contractor involves assuming responsibility for managing and mitigating project risks. You identify potential challenges, develop contingency plans, and implement safety measures to ensure a safe working environment for all involved parties.
Quality Assurance
As the main contractor, you are accountable for the overall quality of the project. You implement quality assurance processes, conduct inspections, and ensure that the work of subcontractors and suppliers meets industry standards and the client's expectations.
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